More straw hats

Paul Godfrey spotted our image of the girls with those unusual frayed straw hats on the site (used on the magazine cover below) , and sent us a shot with two more young girls wearing them- there must have been a craze for them in the 1920s at the seaside! Parents – we assume (though they may be Grandparents) – have more regular headwear for the time (though his two-tone shoes are rather special).
walking picture lowestoft 1920s straw hats

The shot Paul has was taken on Lowestoft Esplanade by a firm called Promenade Snaps, who gave their address as simply Beach, Lowestoft! Promenade Snaps was another name for the long-established firm of  Barkers Studios in Lowestoft. It must have been taken in the late twenties, as they switched to using adapted cine-cameras around 1930. These early examples by the firm are a bit unusual in that the images are printed on postcard sized paper but with a larger than usual border. Paul has written a history of the firm for us (they are still in business although gave up taking walkies in the 70s) and it’ll be on the site shortly.


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