A Month of Sundays

Sheffield painter and artist Pete McKee has a shop in town (well in the suburb of Hunter’s Bar) selling his prints and originals. We were having a potter around the area last weekend, it’s one of the only parts of the city which still allows people to open small niche shops and have a go, so has lots of atmosphere still, and discovered that he’s put up an exhibition of seaside holiday snaps. The shop has a smart little gallery upstairs, and the images have all been sent in by local people in response to an appeal. Mostly it’s interesting seaside snaps taken by people of their own family and friends but there are a couple of nice walkies amongst them, and also one of those strange animal costume seaside snaps (and one with a live monkey). What’s nice is that they’ve included people’s recollections of when the pictures were taken.

Anyhow, worth popping in to see. I hope Pete can do some more shows along these lines, as it’s much more interesting to the local community than the stuff any of the local authority galleries have done in recent years (and he’s open during the week too!). It’s up until the end of July I think.

Seaside Holiday Snaps Exhibition


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