Love from Iris

"Love from Iris" in pen on the back. Cut and torn from a large postcard image.This walkie is a bit hard to interpret. Graham Hooper, who sent me the jpegs of the lady in Bath posted on the site, recently let me borrow this small cache of found images to scan at a higher resolution for the book. This sepia image was amongst them. From cards I have it looks very much like walkies taken in South American cities, particularly the architecture (including the floor tiles) and the smartly dressed men who decorate the pavement.  Strange that the card back is printed in English unless firms who supplied the pre-printed postcard back paper were exporting.
Other non-walkie photos in Graham’s collection show cattle ranches and it’s tempting to suggest they once belonged to a family who might have made their living in Argentina raising beef. The lady in the image does look like a younger version of the woman in the Bath sequence too; or am I reading more into it than is wise? If it is her, it would suggest a date of perhaps 1928 or so.
We can see that the photo has been torn down from a regular postcard size print, which must have extended to quite a group of people. The rather personal ‘Love from Iris’ on the back makes you think it may have been given as a keepsake to someone close to her.


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