Roller-skating in Rhyl

This image was taken by a walking picture cameraman in the Welsh resort of Rhyl. David Mills and his sister Judith were on holiday with their mum and dad for a week in 1950 (he thinks around June, which was Barnaby Week* in their home town of Macclesfield, when many of the town’s factories closed). The two children were very much into roller skating at home so took their skates on holiday with them, and Rhyl’s promenade was a great surface. That’s their dad in the glasses behind and their mum to the far right.
The photograph was loaned to us by David’s wife Angela (along with several other walkies). There is nothing on the print to identify the photographer, but it is a very sharp clear image considering he must have been close to getting run over!
(*Barnaby Week? A traditional two week break in honour of St. Barnabas, patron saint of silk workers, and recognised officially by Elizabeth 1 in 1595. After largely disappearing the town has now revived the idea with an annual arts festival in June).


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