Cayton Camp

Cayton Bay, East Yorks.

This walkie was loaned by Aubrey Timms in Sheffield, and he’s the young lad with his printed tin bucket and spade, setting off for the beach with his father. It was taken in the mid fifties. Aubrey thought it was taken at Cayton Bay so I did some checking to confirm.
Cayton Bay is a large sandy beach just below the east coast town of Scarborough. Despite a scramble down the cliff, it was a popular camp site with holiday makers due to the sheltered beach. A rudimentary camp site grew near the cliff edge with tents, caravans and chalets, many made from old railway carriages, in the early C20. Eventually a bigger camp site was established across the main road, with better facilities, known at Wallis’ Cayton Bay Holiday Camp. A large pavilion was also later built, and by the 70s there was an indoor leisure pool and other attractions. The site is still active, now operated by Hoseasons, though the pavilion (used as a location in the film Little Voice) was demolished recently for road widening.
It’s hard to know if the site had a walkie cameraman there during the season, or possibly one of the snap-shot companies from nearby Scarborough might have operated the service. Old postcards of the site seem to show the location where Aubrey’s walkie was taken, just near the main entrance looking up to the cafe. The old buildings in the background have long gone.

cayton bay camp site yorkshire

You can find more on the history at this site:


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  1. The little boy and the man is my dad and my grandad

    February 6, 2015 at 12:40 pm

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