Having fun in Margate

Sunbeam Photo Ltd. Northdown Rd. Margate.

This fantastic walking picture was taken circa 1927 by the Sunbeam Photo company in Margate (who had photographers based all over this part of the East Kent coast). Although a lot of walking pictures were taken on the spur of the moment, here it looks as if the group has been approached and then asked to walk towards the camera, as they certainly wouldn’t have got far strolling down the seafront like this (and also the by-standers all seem to be watching the proceedings). Possibly people saw the photographer and waited behind for their turn?
The girls have clearly been to the Top-shop of their day for the very latest jazzy outfits. The gents are so similarly dressed, down to the watches linked through their button holes, matching belts and jackets, that they must have been part of a group of some sort. Even though the guy on the left has a box camera, they are still up for having their ‘walkie’ taken.
There is a short history of Sunbeam (which operated from 1919 to 1974) on the site.


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